Does CRC use staples or nails on roofs?
  • Today, staples are considered an inferior method of attaching shingles to a roof, but it's easy to understand why roofers like staples.
    • Staple guns are smaller and better balanced.
    • Coil nail guns are literally fed with a coil of nails, and the holder for the nails makes the gun much bulkier.
    • Staples are far less prone to jamming up in a gun than nails.
    • Staples cost less money.
    • Staples are much more compact; a roofer can hold a bunch of sticks of staples in their pocket and reload their gun very quickly.
    • Nail coils take up a lot more space, they take more time to reload, and they need to be treated carefully; if a coil of nails gets dropped or stepped on, it deforms the coil and makes it much more prone to jamming in the gun.
    • Staples are used because they make the roofer's job easier, but they don't equate to a better installation.

The problem with stapled shingles is that they have a
much greater chance of coming loose or blowing off
the roof because staples are so easy to install improperly.

When a roofer holds a staple gun and fastens a shingle, the staples will have a tendency to be driven at an improper angle.

It is for these reasons, that CRC uses roofing nails with large heads, driven straight and properly, in all of our shingle installations.